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Develops emerging markets and industries established in a/v and communications through the design / implementation of strategies sales / marketing for the successful deployment and penetration of new solutions through distribution channels. Creating a healthy and efficient «ecosystem» (manufacturers, distributors, integrators, end users)

With offices in several cities in Mexico, Miami, Venezuela, Bolivia Yolk Creative Solutions has developed strong business relationships with channels Industries a / v, consumer electronics and communications.

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Yolkad is specialized in the careful planning of installation projects business, the main focus lies in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated audio, video and control means for a wide variety of environments including classrooms, command centers, conference conference, training facilities, auditoriums and more.

The project is done taking into account many factors in the overall optimization, such as site characteristics, customer needs, crowds, lighting, materials, facilities, etc. operation.


Yolkad has extensive experience in the areas of video, computer graphics, audio and control rooms. He has also advised on video resolution, sound, projection screen, video conferencing and complex control systems. Yolk Creative Solutions and its specialized and experienced in the design and construction of multimedia rooms for more than twenty years staff. Our company has become one of the leading exponents to design, build, maintain and improve the multimedia communication centers.

Yolk Creative Solutions has a technically strong team, with members specializing in implementing audio and video systems staff. Our technicians have extensive experience in the technology industry and in various types of facilities.

From the flat base, Yolk Creative Solutions team structure information, such as the lighting, location, furniture placement, seat planning and equipment and rack locations. With these basics in place, the team performs requirements analysis, system design and equipment selection. Finally, detailed design and electrical installation is generated. These plans are accompanied by complete packages of requirements, including electric and planning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, to allow accurate installation and system management. Once the project is complete, you can have a fully operational solution, designed by experts and proceed with the installation.


The problem of adequate integration of technology in buildings or rooms is complex.
A specialist in this type of work may be your best defense against the myriad of difficult situations that arise in a project.

  • Our flexibility, adaptation and optimization of projects, allows us to cover small to large installations.
  • We have the capacity and knowledge to implement any project in its entirety.
  • Our work system ensures complete integration of systems from the detection of needs to a correct definition.
  • All our facilities are turnkey, made with own resources, with the highest quality components and always meeting deadlines.
Audiovisual Equipment

YolkVisual Products and Services was founded in 2007 as a design and manufacture of audiovisual systems. The YolkVisual team combines over 30 years of experience with a proven track record in the development and implementation of automation systems A / V systems and history. Knowledge and understanding of the needs of the end users of A / V with IT consulting experience in the industry has allowed the group to foster healthy relationships with customers resulting in an international business.

We aim to be the leading supplier specialized in providing total solutions for AV multimedia classrooms, training and meeting rooms. More than 1,000 classrooms across the world have installed YolkVisual products. Why you shouldnt? We provide excellent customer service along with excellent quality and prices.

Redefining smart buildings

Enlighted is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings. With our game-changing sensor technology and scalable network to real-time data collection and high-value applications, Enlighted is redefining what a smart building can be.

Enlighted’s proven lighting control systems are reducing energy costs by up to 90% in over 135 million sq ft of building space. And because our solutions are future-proof, you can add unlimited high-value IoT applications as they become available in the future.

Amazing Sensors

Enlighted sensors are the most sophisticated software-defined sensors in the industry, capturing and combining multiple streams of data.

Actionable Insights

Real-time data is turned into actionable insights for smarter decisions in managing lighting, HVAC, space and safety.

Intelligent Connections

Our wireless network manages 1000s of sensors and enables connectivity between sensors and smart devices.

ai Platform used by the world’s leading global companies

“We need to double digit sales growth by 2018”   “New entrants have changed our entire business”

“We have no way to pinpoint the right customers”  

“Our customers expect a lot more than they did just a few years ago”

“I can’t afford to spend $100 million in multi-year technology investment.”

“No more reports without action”



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Smarter Selling (CRM)

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Cross-sell & Upsell

Product & Service Personalization

Churn Reduction



Route-to-Customer Optimization

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

Smarter CRM



Content Optimization

Direct-to-Consumer  AD Personalization

Audience Monetization



Population Discovery & Risk Management

Provider Network Discovery & Development

Consumer-Centered Outreach

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